Get Involved

Plugging In


Below are some great ways to get plugged into Union Grove.

Check out everything from just visiting to becoming a member of a ministry team.

Join us in Worship and Community Ministry at UGBC Opelika!

Worship Services

Joining us in worship is a great place to meet the friendly members at UGBC and learn about exciting fellowship and ministry opportunities first hand while worshipping our Saviour!

F.A.I.T.H. Riders

Join F.A.I.T.H. Riders UGBC chapter leader Bug Weldon in spreading the Gospel to the world with the fastest ministry in the area. Whether you ride or not we would love to have your fellowship and support!

Disaster Relief

Have a talk with William Letlow about joining The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief program and get involved with minitries as exciting as the chainsaw team or as caring as childcare all while sharing the love of Christ with those who need help the most all around the country! 

The Tabitha Project

Carla Etheridge is serving the widows and children of northern Uganda for over 11 years now.  Kathy Ward would love to talk to you about this ministry.